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Love & Sorrow at Melbourne Museum

Love & Sorrow at Melbourne Museum

Last week an article from the Guardian, written by Paul Daley, appeared in my Facebook feed. Motivated by the words; Anzac, nationalism and war, I clicked through. The article discusses the State Library of NSW's recently digitised collection of First World War diaries, however Daley opens with a rather critical reflection of Australia's interpretation of the events and impact … Continue reading Love & Sorrow at Melbourne Museum


Museums as Facilitators of Change

Today this popped up in my Facebook feed. http://blogs.aaslh.org/they-took-them-to-a-museum/ Written by Bethany Hawkins from the American Association for State and Local History, it discusses a museum experience in Rwanda learning about the 1994 genocide. It reminded me a lot of the work I do everyday in teaching people about the experiences of the First World War and my visit … Continue reading Museums as Facilitators of Change