Month: November 2014

Don’t Put Your Smart Phone Away!

When this image popped up in my Facebook feed around 12 months ago, I reposted it with a comment like "Ah, see it's not just us!" Instantly I was ashamed by my immature and superficial response to what I perceive as a complicated issue; the use of screens in the modern world, particularly by my own generation, GenY. … Continue reading Don’t Put Your Smart Phone Away!


Museums as Facilitators of Change

Today this popped up in my Facebook feed. Written by Bethany Hawkins from the American Association for State and Local History, it discusses a museum experience in Rwanda learning about the 1994 genocide. It reminded me a lot of the work I do everyday in teaching people about the experiences of the First World War and my visit … Continue reading Museums as Facilitators of Change


Hi folks Thanks for coming to my blog, either on purpose or by accident. I decided to do this to share my thoughts, ideas and gripes in a more public setting and hopefully start some debate. My passions are varied but you will most likely hear me ranting about museums, education, history, politics, social inequality, gender … Continue reading Intro